About Me

Hello, my name is Jesse Watson, I am a Canadian graphic designer.
Please feel free to contact me about anything!


I began my career as a designer in 2006, studying Multimedia Design at Humber College in Toronto. While at Humber College I worked in the school's Instructional Support Studio, programming and designing Flash applications used as teaching tools for Humber’s online courses. Upon graduating  I applied, and was accepted, to Concordia University’s Design program in 2008.

Once at Concordia I shifted my focus away from Flash and towards graphic design. In addition to Design, as a means of keeping up my programming skills, I acquired a Computation Arts minor.  I graduated from Concordia with a major in Design and a minor in Computation Arts in early 2012.

Since graduating I have been working at Torstar Digital, splitting my focus between print and web design. I currently reside in Toronto and outside of design I enjoy painting murals, hand-lettering, signage, horror movies and old school hip-hop.